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The Self Love Way

Self Love Therapy LLC strives to provide highly effective, life changing & personalized care. 

We are licensed mental health therapists who will assist you on your journey to a better sense of self through psychoeducation on ways to cope with various mental health diagnoses, how to manage personal & professional struggles, & provide overall emotional support. Finding love within yourself, for yourself, leads to a strong foundation that can support one’s growth and ability to cope with difficult life experiences. We aim to alleviate fear & apprehension about the therapeutic process through building genuine relationships with clients. Together we can restore your mental health, the self love way!  

We are thrilled to serve the city of Boston as well as many suburbs including Newton, Milton, Weston, Melrose, Wakefield, Reading, Lexington, & Wellesley, just to name a few!


I am currently seeing Liz Thompson & I absolutely love her. She has incredible compassion, knowledge, insight, & experience. Liz is patient & optimistic yet realistic. She seeks deeper connections & is constantly looking to change as you need & as you experience both setbacks & moments of growth. I look forward to continuing my sessions with her.

Leslie Goodhue brings an upbeat, positive attitude with her everywhere she goes. She is easy to talk to, non judgmental and unbiased. She's always smiling and is able to bring light to even the most difficult situations. Anyone would be lucky to be a client of hers.

Liz Thompson is one of the most empathetic & skilled clinicians I have ever known. She makes her clients feel instantly at ease, an important aspect of therapy. She is a top-notch clinician & I would highly recommend her services!

If you are looking for a client-centered, empathetic, and reliable therapist, Leslie Goodhue is just that (and more). I cannot even begin to describe how much she has encouraged, challenged, and helped me. She is someone who creates a wonderfully safe and therapeutic space, where all feel comfortable to open up. 


BE YOUR best self

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